Instant and accurate location
of emergency calls

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Automated location retrieval

SmartLocator enables Google Emergency Location Services (ELS) and Advanced Mobile Location (AML) from Android phones.

location retrieval

SmartLocator enables accurate retrieval of call locations from smartphones via SMS, simply and efficiently.

Standalone but CAD-friendly

SmartLocator is ready to be used immediately as a standalone web application or built into existing CAD solution.

Not a mobile

SmartLocator requires no prior installation on callers’ phones. It locates every smartphone with internet connection.

Proven efficiency in European countries

SmartLocator has already been installed in emergency call centres in Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Finland, Iceland, Slovenia, and Kosovo.

Exact location from emergency call

Mobile phone calling 112
target icon

Person in distress makes the call.

Operator gets the location automatically
target icon

Operator gets the location automatically.

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1. Person in distress makes the call, 2. Operator gets the location automatically
Mobile phone making 112 call
target icon

Person in distress makes the call.

Operator in emergency call centre sends SMS
target icon

Operator sends the SMS, containing the web link.

User clicks web link on mobile phone
target icon

Person in distress opens the web link in SMS.

Computer with GPS location
target icon

Operator gets the location of the caller.

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Manual location retrieval flow responsive design

Created for emergency call centres

SmartLocator is used by emergency call centres for civil protection, police, fire department and ambulance service for instant and accurate location retrieval and effective emergency response and dispatch.

SmartLocator on monitor
Accurate location target

Location within metres and seconds

With ELS* get the location automatically and within few metres. With SMS-based location retrieval locate the caller within seconds. Optimal location is always retrieved utilising all positioning methods (cell ID, WiFi and GPS).
* ELS has to be configured in cooperation with Google

Globe with markers GPS locations

Location retrieval made easy

Get images and videos from the field. Communicate with callers via SMS through built-in chat. Be alerted of incoming calls in real time and handle calls as a team, marking them resolved. Easily detect and handle fake calls.

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Compliant with local regulation

We ensure Google ELS registration process is smooth and configure SmartLocator according to local regulation. We take care of documentation and support raising public awareness. We offer support for mobile network operators.

Checklist paper

Customised to your needs

SmartLocator can be customised in any way necessary. It can be integrated with existing CAD systems via two-way standards compliant API. It can be deployed in local data centres and show location data in local coordinate system. It can have custom landing page.

Why choose us?

SmartLocator is reliable and secure web-based application for smartphone call location retrieval, since 2013. Product by XLAB.

XLAB, headquartered in Slovenia, with offices in Switzerland, the UK and the USA, is one of the leading IT solution companies focused on cloud computing, cyber security and data analytics. XLAB has been providing innovative, high quality technology products and services across various business sectors since 2001.

ISO 27001 logo

The Information Security Certificate ISO 27001:2013 was acquired by XLAB for scope of: design, development, sales, management and support of IT products and services. Learn more here.

Regular penetration tests and vulnerability scanning according to OWASP Testing Guide methodology are performed to keep SmartLocator secure at all times.

Golden Award for best innovations in Slovenia GZS
                 Awards 2014
Best cloud-based innovation award EuroCloud Slovenia 2015
Outstanding emergency services innovation EENA Awards 2014

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